Basic Mediation manual coverBasic Mediation Training Manual (No. 8)
This CCR training manual contains basic information about mediation and its role in conflict resolution. The information is intended to assist the trainer or facilitator with valid references when giving input for the benefit of workshop participants. The information is presented in simple language and in certain sections with bullet points and diagrams.

Please note that the full version of CCR training manuals is only available for those who have completed training.


West Africa's Evolving Security Architecture: Looking Back to the Future
(Seminar Report No. 17)

This report, based on a seminar held on 30 and 31 October 2006 in Accra, Ghana, captures the essence of current debates in the areas of governance, development, and security sector reform and post-conflict peacebuilding — issues that could largely determine whether West Africa is at peace or at war in the new millenium.
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