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South Africa, Africa, and International Investment Agreements
(Seminar Report No. 48)

This seminar report emanates from a policy advisory group seminar which brought together about 30 policymakers, scholars, and civil society actors from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, to assess and broaden the debate on the implications of international investment agreements (IIAs) - including bilateral investment treaties (BITs) - for development efforts in Africa. The meeting also assessed the principles that underpin these agreements, which were conceived in the immediate post-colonial era during the Cold War, and are increasingly seen by critics as being at odds with emerging economic challenges confronting developing countries. The meeting was organised by CCR and the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and was held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, from 17 to 18 February 2014.
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Posted to the Web: 18 July 2014

Post-Apartheid South Africa's Foreign Policy After Two Decades
(Seminar Report No. 47)

This CCR report is based on a policy research seminar which convened about 50 leading practitioners, scholars, and civil society activists from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and North America to explore and enhance the potential leadership role that South Africa can play in promoting peace and security, as well as regional integration and development in Africa. It also focused on Tshwane's (Pretoria) interlocking bilateral and multilateral relationships on the continent and beyond. The meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 28-30 July 2013.
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Posted to the Web: 24 June 2014

Towards A New Pax Africana: Making, Keeping, and Building Peace in Post-Cold War Africa
(Seminar Report No. 46)

This CCR seminar report assesses the progress being made by the African Union (AU) and Africa's regional economic communities (RECs) in managing conflicts and operationalising the continent's peace and security architecture. The report also seeks to assist these bodies in building peace in countries emerging from conflict. The report is based on a policy research seminar held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, from 28-30 August 2013.
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Posted to the Web: 21 May 2014

The African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Group and the European Union (EU)
(Seminar Report No. 45)

This CCR seminar report addresses the potential for further strategic engagement between the 79-member ACP and the 28-member EU as the third five-year review of the Cotonou Agreement of 2000 on trade, aid, and political cooperation approaches in 2015, and as the end of the 20-year span of Cotonou in 2020 draws nearer. The report is based on a policy research seminar held in Cape Town, from 29-30 October 2012.
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Posted to the Web: 11 December 2013

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa
(Seminar Report No. 44)

The MDGs, which were signed by 189 countries, including 53 African states, in 2000, set eight benchmarks to: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; achieve universal primary education; promote gender equality and empower women; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; and develop a global partnership for development by the year 2015. This CCR seminar report which is based on a policy research seminar held in Cape Town from 13-14 May 2013 assesses critically the progress that the continent has made towards achieving the MDGs, and to support African institutions in shaping the post-2015 development agenda.
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Posted to the Web: 11 November 2013


Governance and Security Challenges in Post-Apartheid Southern Africa
(Seminar Report No. 43)

This CCR report considers the key governance and security challenges facing Southern Africa, with a focus on the 15-member Southern African Development Community (SADC) sub-region's progress towards democracy, and its peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding efforts — particularly in Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Madagascar.
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Posted to the Web: 2 October 2013

Africa, South Africa, and the United Nations Security Architecture
(Seminar Report No. 42)

In December 2012, South Africa completed its second two-year term (2011-2012) as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, after its earlier tenure in 2007-2008. This CCR seminar convened about 30 leading practitioners, civil society actors, and scholars, from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States (US), to assess South Africa's current and past performance on the Security Council. The meeting, which focused in particular on the institutional dynamics that help to shape the work of the Council, also crafted concrete policy recommendations for strengthening the diplomatic role adopted by Tshwane (Pretoria) and promoting Africas interests at the UN and other international fora. This policy advisory group seminar took place at Erinvale Estate, Western Cape, South Africa, from 12 to 13 December 2012.
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Posted to the Web: 20 June 2013

The African Union at Ten: Problems, Progress, and Prospects
(Seminar Report No. 41)

The year 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of post-independence pan-Africanism with the birth of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in May 1963. As the golden jubilee is celebrated, this CCR seminar report reflects on the hopes for an "African Renaissance" embodied by the continental body's successor, the African Union (AU), and the challenges that it faces in fulfilling its role of promoting political unity, democratic governance, and economic development on the continent. The report is based on a colloquium, jointly hosted by CCR and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Berlin, Germany, from 30 to 31 August 2012 in Berlin.
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Posted to the Web: 7 May 2013

South Africa in Southern Africa
(Seminar Report No. 40)

This CCR seminar report is based on a policy advisory group meeting which took place at Erinvale Estate, Western Cape, South Africa, from 19-20 November 2012. The meeting focused on seven key themes relating to regional integration in Southern Africa: the history of regionalism; peace and security; the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), and South Africa's development finance institutions (DFIs); democratic governance; South Africa's sub-regional role; migration and food security; and the role of the European Union (EU) and China.
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Posted to the Web: 8 April 2013

The Eagle and the Springbok: Strengthening the Nigeria/South Africa Relationship
(Seminar Report No. 39)

This CCR seminar report is based on a policy advisory group meeting which took place in Lagos, Nigeria from 9-10 June 2012. The seminar sought to build on the outcomes of the Nigeria-South Africa Bi-National Commission (BNC) which met in full session in Cape Town in May 2012. It also sought to help to "reset" the strategic bilateral relationship between Nigeria and South Africa by addressing key themes, and crafting concrete recommendations on the history and diplomacy of bilateral relations; the multilateral roles adopted by the two countries; their economic and trade links; civil society perspectives; and the future of the relationship.
File type: PDF (1.43MB)
Posted to the Web: 20 August 2012

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