17 Jul 2014

South Africa, Africa, and International Investment Agreements

South Africa, Africa, and International Investment Agreements
(Seminar Report No. 48)

This seminar report emanates from a policy advisory group seminar which brought together about 30 policymakers, scholars, and civil society actors from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, to assess and broaden the debate on the implications of international investment agreements (IIAs) - including bilateral investment treaties (BITs) - for development efforts in Africa. The meeting also assessed the principles that underpin these agreements, which were conceived in the immediate post-colonial era during the Cold War, and are increasingly seen by critics as being at odds with emerging economic challenges confronting developing countries. The meeting was organised by CCR and the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and was held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, from 17 to 18 February 2014.
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Posted to the Web: 18 July 2014

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