18 Nov 2015

Constitutional Democracy and the Rule of Law in South Africa

Constitutional Democracy and the Rule of Law in South Africa
(Policy Brief No. 26)

cover polbrief vol26The Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), Cape Town, South Africa, and the Johannesburg-based Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) hosted two public dialogues in Cape Town on 15 June 2015 on "Democracy and the Rule of Law in South Africa", and on 8 September 2015, on the question: "Is the South African Constitution a Paper Tiger?". As part of its transition to majority rule, South Africa adopted what some have described as one of the world's most progressive constitutions in 1996. This marked the end of an era of "rule by law" in which the law was part and parcel of the oppressive system of apartheid. Despite notable achievements in the last two decades by the African National Congress (ANC) government since 1994 to address the injustices of the past and entrench constitutionalism, gaps remain which if not urgently addressed, could potentially render the constitution a "paper tiger" that is unable to deliver on the country's socio-economic transformation aspirations.

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Posted to the Web: 19 November 2015

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