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1 December 2008

In this volume, a group of South African and British scholars and activists consider the effects of HIV/AIDS on South African society, particularly in terms of the human notion of security, as well as the global development agenda. In the 11 chapters, they discuss the response of the South African National Defence Force, the impact of HIV/AIDS in prison and the military, the social history of the disease in the country, children orphaned by AIDS, the right of access to treatment, grass roots activists in the country, prevalence among educators, and the disease in poor rural households. The volume is part of a project initiated by the Centre for Conflict Resolution, a policy-research and training institution affiliated with the U. of Cape Town. Ndinga-Muvumba (African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes) formerly headed the project on HIV/AIDS and security issues there. Pharoah, an independent consultant based in Cape Town, has been a researcher at the Institute for Security Studies. Distributed in the US by ISBS.

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