14 Nov 2017

No. 279: A Simple Man: Kasrils and the Zuma Enigma

A Simple Man coverThe Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), Cape Town invites you and members of your organisation to a public dialogue to launch the book A Simple Man: Kasrils and the Zuma Enigma.

Audio files for this public dialogue

Professor Ben Turok
Director, Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA)
Cape Town

Mr Ronnie Kasrils
Former South African Minister of Intelligence

Mr Pallo Jordan
Former South African Minister of Arts and Culture

Ronnie Kasrils's insights in A Simple Man into Jacob Zuma, both shocking and revelatory, are vividly illuminated through this story, from their shared history in the underground to Kasrils's time as minister of intelligence and his views on South Africa now. Our understanding of Zuma, the struggle hero, now perceived as having sold his soul to the devil, becomes clearer through this narrative.(Excerpt from Jacana Media)

DATE Tuesday, 14 November 2017
TIME 17h30 - 19h00
VENUE 6 Spin Street, Church Square, Cape Town

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