The Centre for Conflict Resolution runs training courses that have a practical skills orientation. The courses are highly participative and emphasise experiential learning through role-plays, case studies, and other group exercises.

Rather than prescribing a single definitive approach to all conflict situations, CCR trainers seek to empower participants to devise appropriate responses to the different conflicts they encounter.

CCR's training methodology is informed by a philosophy that embraces five distinct but inter-related values:

  1. Conflict can have positive value
  2. Peaceful resolution of conflict is a positive value
  3. Voluntary resolution of conflict is a positive value
  4. Diversity is a positive value
  5. Having systems that embrace these values has positive value

1. Conflict Resolution


Conflict is a reality of life and exists at all levels of society.

Nearly all of us have in one way or the other been involved in conflicts — at the family level, at the workplace, and in many other aspects of life.

Conflict can have positive value. If handled appropriately, it can often spark new growth, development, and change in individual lives, inter-personal relationships, and broader contexts.

Different kinds of conflictTHE CHALLENGES

The word conflict has negative associations for many people and is often equated with violence, aggression, and other forms of abuse.

Violent manifestation of conflict in homes, schools, communities, prisons, societies, and international arenas, as well as in the news and entertainment media, are a daily reality for many people.

Disrespect for others is played out in a variety of ways, ranging from abusive verbal and non-verbal communication behind closed doors, to the more visible manifestations at broader societal levels.


Workshop participants will:

  • Have a broader understanding of the causes of conflict
  • Be able to apply basic principles and methods to resolve conflict constructively (including mediation)
  • Understand various behavioural styles when dealing with conflict
  • Identify best strategy and practice for different conflict solutions


  • Increased self-awareness of your personal style to approaching conflict in daily life
  • Understanding of how your style impacts on relationships (with yourself, co-workers, and family)
  • Improved opportunities for open communication

This course is open to all.  

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