The Centre for Conflict Resolution runs training courses that have a practical skills orientation. The courses are highly participative and emphasise experiential learning through role-plays, case studies, and other group exercises. Rather than prescribing a single definitive approach to all conflict situations, CCR trainers seek to empower participants to devise appropriate responses to the different conflicts they encounter. CCR's training methodology is informed by a philosophy that embraces five distinct but inter-related values:

  1. Conflict can have positive value
  2. Peaceful resolution of conflict is a positive value
  3. Voluntary resolution of conflict is a positive value
  4. Diversity is a positive value
  5. Having systems that embrace these values has positive value

1. Conflict Resolution


“CCR will hold an INTRODUCTION TO CONFLICT MANAGEMENT TRAINING COURSE” from 5-7 September 2018 (2.5 days)  which will build the knowledge and skills of participants to manage conflicts in their own environments in more positive and effective ways. Through a series of modules, the course will introduce participants to conflict management concepts and processes, including active listening and communication, negotiation, dialogue, and mediation skills. Role-play, facilitated discussion and other interactive activities are key components of the course that will help participants to develop their own conflict management skills and styles, while gaining the confidence to use them in their individual contexts.



Different kinds of conflict

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn positive approaches to, and practical skills for, managing conflicts in their personal lives, workspaces, or communities. It will be of particular benefit to community workers, civil society and trade union activists, school students, university faculty, and students, as well as corporate executives, human resource consultants and managers, and government administrators.



Participants will:

  • Learn theoretical approaches to conflict management.
  • Understand the relationship between conflict and human rights (individual and group).
  • Learn about the processes of conflict management and conflict transformation.
  • Gain and practise positive conflict management skills, including dialogue, negotiation, mediation, and communication.
  • Share, and learn from, peer experiences.
  • Explore and develop their own conflict management skills and styles.



R2500 per person (R2000 early bird price still available for a limited period). The course fee is inclusive of VAT and includes:

  • Daily morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks
  • Lunch on two days
  • Workshop materials
  • Certificate of attendance



For more information, contact Tasneem Adams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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